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I visited Miami's South Beach and saw lots of Art Deco building painted in different combinations of pastel colors. I've just purchased a plaster and wood framed mirror that I want to paint in Art Deco pastel colors combinations. Is there a source somewhere for these? Thanks.

-- Peter Salemme (, September 14, 1999


I spoke with the Miami Art Deco Society and they have a book of 28 (I think I might have the number wrong) colors that were approved to be used with the refurbishing of the buildings.

-- Jen Lange (, October 26, 2000.

HI my name is Rebecca and i have completed a school project. It is an art deco style vase painted in pastel colours. do you know where i can find info in pastel colours in art deco and examples. Could you help? or even send some pics of these buildings you have descibed?

-- rebecca Oakley (, March 26, 2004.

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