editDV better filters or plug-ins?

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I just looked at a screen snapshot of the FX section of EditDV1.1 and there doesn't seem to be that many FX/filters available. I'm used to using Premiere (even though it isn't easy to use) and there seem to be a lot more filters and plug-ins available. I'm just looking at what DV editor I want to buy and it seems that editDV doesn't have as many cool FX/filters as Premiere. Are there more 3rd party FX/filters available for editDV?

Also,I use Photoshop alot too and I was wondering if it is possible with any DV editor on the market to go frame by frame and apply a gaussian smooth or whatever just like in Photoshop?

Easy editing is important but I want to be able to affect the individual frames of the video too. If not a product available does anyone have any experience or ideas?

Thanks in advance!

-- Joe (covingto@sunshower.nascom.nasa.gov), September 15, 1999

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