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I am unsure of how to use travel time on busses before contests. We will spend 3-5 hours traveling the night before a game (football). Our staff is divided on how to spend the time. Half think that the time should be spend in quiet mentally preparing for the game. Some believe that to be unrealistic. Others suggest a movie or tape to watch in order to relax the athletes. Other suggestions are study time, game film or just sleeping.

What are your suggestions on how to spend this time? These are college athletes. As a coach I don't want to waste any time I have to get my players ready to play.

-- J.D. Shaw (, September 16, 1999


I think you are all correct. That is to say, what may help to prepare one player may not be the same preparation needed for another. These kids are individuals, and I suggest that you may want to determine what works best for whom.

Another aspect one should not overlook is to ask the question, "how ready are we for this contest?" This may also aid you in your decision of what to do with this valuable and important time.

Good luck!

-- Dr. Victor J. Ingurgio (, September 16, 1999.

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