Why wait for Y2K? Seattle to provoke EARTHQUATE ON MONDAY'S FULL MOON!

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What seems to be the stupidest idea that ever emerged from our local priestly class of "learned men has emerged. It seems that our "earthquake experts" who do not know where. when, why and how servere the next eartquake will be have decided that it would be a GOOD idea to plant explosive charges all along a major Seattle to Olympic peninsula faultline and then wait for the full moon to set them off and basically watch what happens! Of course they will record whatever does happen with their wonderful array of prepositioned taxpayer funded seismographs. Ain't science great, folks?

-- Ann Fisher (zyax55b@prodigy.com), September 19, 1999



-- Ann Fisher (zyax55b@prodigy.com), September 19, 1999.

Sounds like a blast...

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), September 19, 1999.

Those experts . . .you didn't happen to hear them speaking Russian did you?

-- jjbeck (jjbeck@recycler.com), September 19, 1999.


They have done this many times in many places. The charges are so weak they will not even be felt. Basically all they are doing is causing vibrations that can be recorded that can tell where the faults are and the shapes. This is like ultrasounds that are used to see a baby in a Mum's belly.

Your post got me wondering though, if all of the underground nuclear tests in Nevada "helped" cause a lot of the earthquakes there and in california.

-- Cherri (sams@brigadoon.com), September 19, 1999.


I am in Victoria BC. The problem is better and worse than you think. The good part. The blasts will have little effect on the "Big One"

The bad part, the Juan de Fuca plate is going under the continent and the pressure maybe greater than first thought. This means a shortened time frame. Maybe not in our life time but in the next generations of kids. The scientists can place the last major quakes.. We are due.

When it happens life as we know it will stop.

For example, Vancouver International Airport is on a delta. It will not be left after a +8, the Canadian and Alberta Governments already have plans for Edmonton beinging the closest Airport for a BC Emergency. 600 miles away.

Vancouver is at least as big as Seattle. When you are talking about the movements of continents, bombs will have no effect. Neither will denial so it is a good idea to do something about it.

Good Luck.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), September 19, 1999.

Cascadian Subduction Zone, 9+, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia. Geologists now say it will happen soon, tension enormous, and either
1) take the whole coast down in 1 piece, all the way to the Cascades, setting off the Volcanoes, or
2) break in 3 places, so not as horrendous, just 7-8. (!?!)

Then again, Mt. Rainier, rotten through & through, mushy-soft, could blow first. Bye-bye MicroSuck!

Hope there's no Blow-Out Convergence in January 2000 (when technically it's actually "due" !!)

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), September 19, 1999.

Flee the earth now! (Uh, any small planets for rent or sale?)

-- Mara Wayne (MaraWayne@aol.com), September 19, 1999.

Mara, ROFL!!!

Actually if you're willing to live 600 miles from anywhere(Edmonton), you can live in a relatively safe spot. We do have nasty snowstorms - but we're used to them and cope easily. We have had one tornado in a hundred years, although Alberta has several each year, they usually only take out some poor farmer's barn. No earthquakes, no volcanos, no hurricanes and the only riot (a mini one) happened when the Oilers won the Stanley Cup for the first time. There are no doubt even safer places to live, but no better (at least for now, I usually feel differently about that in February).

-- T the C (tricia_canuck@hotmail.com), September 19, 1999.


How large will those explosive charges be? How does their explosive power compare to the power of natural forces acting on rocks along that faultline all the time?

What is your suggested replacement for seismology as a tool for acquiring knowledge about what goes on along that faultline?

How long ago was your most recent science class?

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), September 19, 1999.

No Spam, are you the end product of evolution? Do you need a trick mirror to see your head in proper relation to your body? Do you have any people skills at all? Was your mother vehemently against abortion or just broke? Why do you ask so many rude questions? Does it make you feel good to belittle others? Do you think you are the smartest son of a bitch that ever lived? Does your shit not stink? Are you still beating your wife? Are you still beating your meat? I thought so.

-- Charles Darwin (disgusted@hom.net), September 19, 1999.

OK, I predict the next large U.S. earthquake to be in Oregon, followed by Kentucky, then Alaska. You heard it here first. :-)

-- Gayla (privacy@please.com), September 19, 1999.

C. D.,

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), September 19, 1999.

Aacckk, Gayla, thanks a lot!

-- shakin now fer sure ;^) (allaha@earthlink.net), September 19, 1999.

I like it hot No spam. I guess my previous questions were too hard for you, we'll try multiple choice so you can at least guess at the answers since you are clueless.

1 Are you (a) an egotistical asshole? (b) a sadistic bully? (c) sexually challenged? (d) all of the above.

2 Is your personality disorder caused by (a) the fact that you are a sexually challenged, sadistical bullying egotistical asshole ? (damn I gave him the answer to question 1) (b) the fact that since you are the smartest son of a bitch on the planet you just can't get good conversation?

3 Does the fact that you are the smartest son of a bitch on the planet mean (damn I gave him the answer to question 2) (a) we should fall down and worship at your feet. (b) normal rules of civility don't apply to you. (c) intelligence leads naturally to cruelty.

-- Charles Darwin (disgusted@hom.net), September 19, 1999.

Charles Darwin,

I don't know why you have problems with folks who pose questions, but you'e welcome to take them elsewhere.

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), September 19, 1999.

There are no doubt even safer places to live, but no better (at least for now, I usually feel differently about that in February).

-- T the C (tricia_canuck@hotmail.com)


E Gads lady, you can't be serious! BBBBRRRRRRRRR its cold up there in the winter :o) Interesting that you feel Edmonchuck is safe. I guess one can always escape to the West Edmonchuck Mall and avoid the reality during the winter. One of these years I am going to have to make it up there to see this 8th wonder of the shopping world.

Remember keep those liners dried eh?

-- Brian (imager@home.com), September 19, 1999.

Mr. Darwin,

I think you found the missing link :)

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), September 20, 1999.

After comparing the similarities of intellectual bent (i.e.; arrogant, condescending, self righteous, etc.) between Flint and No Spam, I am convinced they were twins at birth... actually cephalic Siamese twins, with each accorded half a brain at the time of seperation.

-- (tired@ofsmarmy.jerks), September 20, 1999.

Awww, Andy, you're just jealous because your Comet Lee / Nostradamus hogwash predictions didn't come true.

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), September 20, 1999.

No Spam pokes fun at CPR, too. He's balanced.


-- lisa (lisa@work.now), September 20, 1999.

Actually, I don't really care whether *I* can feel the thump, but I'm just a teensy bit worried that the FAULT might feel it. If you have a fault under no stress, and you do a little ultrasounding to see where the lumps are, that's not such a big deal. But here we have a fault that's overdue, and by definition (since they're doing the testing) we don't know how to predict when it lets go. So we're banging on it?

Like I'm holding an egg and I thump it a little. No big deal. But let's say the egg is resting on the counter with a book resting on top of it, and THEN I thump it. Is that a really good idea?

-- bw (home@puget.sound), September 20, 1999.


I've often wondered about the underground nuke tests myself. How could they NOT attribute to some of the shaking ground on the west coast??

I'll still take a hurricane ANYDAY to an earthquake......at least hurricanes don't toss you out of bed at 2:47am with no warning!


-- Deano (deano@luvthebeach.com), September 20, 1999.

I'd still like to know what the full moon has to do with it?

-- The Engineer (The Engineer@tech.com), September 20, 1999.

Yeah, I can see the brain donors at work. Let's set off charges near the largest dormant (???) volcano in the continental US and see what happens.

Mt. Rainier has been grumbling for ten years now, and it WILL erupt again...

Jeez, let's really tempt Fate...

rollin' in the sand...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert Dog@-sand.com), September 20, 1999.

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