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FireWire News 9/17/99

Canopus - DVRexRT is coming in October! RexRT is a $1000 upgrade for existing DV Rex systems. It includes the RexRT PCI card and RexEdit RT software. RexRT will require dual Pentium II or faster processors and Windows NT. Key RexRT real time features include: Transitions incorporating scaling and stretching, 10 tracks of static and moving titles, Titling over transitions and effects, Color correction, Luma keying, Two picture-in-picture , Slow-motion and more!

RaptorEdit is now shipping. Much like it's older brother RexEdit this software provides digital videographers with an extremely stable and productive editing environment. For $199.95 it is an upgrade all DV Raptor owners should consider. A demo version can be downloaded from the Canopus website.

Digital Origin - MotoDV Mobile is the first full-featured laptop based FireWire editing solution. The bundle includes FireWire cardbus card, Edit DV unplugged NLE software and PhotoDV for still image grabbing. At under $500 it is the ideal solution for digital videographers on the go. A Windows based laptop solution will hopefully be available by year-end.

EditDV for Windows has been shipping for a few months now and a major bug has been discovered and FIXED. All EditDV 1.0 users should download the 1.01 patch from the Digital origin website ASAP. This updater corrects the problem of projects getting destroyed after the 12th save during a single session. Shipping soon will be IntroDV. This under $250 NLE system is based on the same hardware used in Digital Origins Award winning EditDV & MotoDV products. You get a very simple to use application for editing. The feature I like best about IntroDV is it's upgrade ability. Down the road you can add Premiere or EditDV software and make it a much more powerful, full-featured system NLE system.

Fast - DV Master Pro 2.0 w/ Speed Razor 4.7 is finally shipping!! This new software is multi-threaded with multi-processor support. All previews are in real time on the VGA screen and rendering is almost 50% faster then the old version. The new version brings considerable increase in speed through optimized rendering and multiprocessor support. In a benchmark test with earlier version 3.51, the average rendering time for effects has halved. The calculation of a two second clock transition now takes 27 instead of 56 seconds, i.e. 50 per cent less than before (tested on ASUS P2B PII 400 MHz with 128 MB RAM). In addition, with the new preview function effects, multilayers, titles and audio mix can be checked in real time on-screen immediately - and directly from the timeline. A new feature is the "batch capture function" for DV players, which is fully compatible with the SONY-i.LINK protocol.

Pinnacle - Two major price/performance breakthroughs from Pinnacle. The first is the inclusion of the FULL Premiere 5.1 with DV200 (current inventory qualifies for a FREE upgrade). This means that for under $400 you get a DV capture card, DV Tools w/ batch capture& auto logging, INSTANT video timeline playback and the FULL version of Premiere.

The second breakthrough is the soon to be released StudioDV. This under $200 wonder combines a FireWire capture card with Pinnacle's award winning Studio application.

Also of note is the DC1000DV. While not a pure DV card (it uses MPEG2 compression), this incredible system gives you remarkable video quality at half the data rate of DV PLUS you get dual stream, real-time effects and the ability to create MPEG2, DVD quality) CD Roms.

Terran - Media Cleaner Pro is now available for Windows. This program is the professional's choice for creating High resolution streaming video or multimedia. We highly recommend combining Media Cleaner Pro with EditDV for taking DV footage and streaming it onto the net. What makes this such a strong combination is QuickTime and the various high quality QuickTime software CODECs.

Software - Sonic Desktop Smart Sound is simply the best solution we have come across for adding background music to your DV footage. Unlike loops or Buy-Out music this gives the the capability of creating a custom soundtrack specifically for your video footage. Each audio track you create gets an intro, middle and end, so the music flows with your action. If you need to shorten or lengthen the audio, all the sections of the audio get changed. So you always get a naturally sounding soundtrack. Best of all, you can buy addition libraries of sounds.

Storage - The biggest news in storage is our incredible deals on Medea VideoRAID pci units. The 13GB unit is $499.95 and the 26GB unit is $649.95. You can't find a more affordable, higher performing external video storage solution. Owners of existing VideoRAID PCI units can add these drives to your existing VideoRAID for even more storage capacity!!

You can find more info at The Desk Top Video Handbook On Line

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-- videoguy (, September 21, 1999

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