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For those concerned, in a thread now about 1/3 down entitled "Rebuttal to Hoffmeister's rebuttal of Ed Yourdon's letter to Alan Greenspan" (dated 9/23), there is now some possibly interesting and maybe even useful discussion occurring regarding potential Y2K rollover error rates. I'm trying to gather information from this discussion, and would appreciate greatly any responses from all interested (and especially informed!) parties. Also, for those of you not planning to visit the thread below, I will ask one question here: Does anybody know of any RECENT data or statements by Capers Jones regarding Y2K (potential error rates, effects, etc.)? Thanks in advance.

And by the way, after this issue gets "resolved" (as much as anything ever gets resolved around here!), I *really* am going back to just lurking, not posting, on this forum. So don't despair.

-- Don Florence (, September 24, 1999


Not sure if this perfectly fills the bill, Don, but here's an interview I did with Capers back in May: Q&A with Capers Jones

I got very little substantive rebuttal of these figures from John Koskinen the last time I interviewed him...


-- Scott Johnson (, September 24, 1999.

MR. D FLORENCE, how are things in> N.M.? would you drink the water'from geronimo-springs??

-- just passin thru this WORLD. (, September 24, 1999.

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