Why use NT 4.0 instead of Win 98?

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I'm new to the NLE world and I was wondering why everyone uses Windows NT as their operating system? Unfortunately I can't dedicate a whole computer to editing so I am also wondering if it is O.K. to use Win 98. Thanks for any info.

-- Matt Berling (dolemite@thedolemites.com), September 27, 1999


If you have the space you can run NT and windows 98 on the same machine, with a dual boot configuration, or with help of a third party program such as system commander etc. NT is a much more stable operating system than windows for doing such things. It is less prone to freezes and crashes during video editing. But if you dont want to deal with all of that, just try your luck with win98...most of the time it works just fine for editing...test it out on your machine... take care..

-- Michael C. (posuto@hotmail.com), September 29, 1999.

NT Offers several advantages, especially performance and features. One example, With NT you can create a "stripe Set" which is multiple hard drives to appear as a single volume. This also helps to eek (is that a word?) more performance out of slower drive mechanisms.

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-- MarkM (vid_io@hotmail.com), October 04, 1999.

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