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Fair warning to all, everything you've read is true, MotoDV card can be a nightmare (wish I had read all those postings before I purchased mine) Took me 2 months to get it going right, and their tech support was no help AT ALL (and I had to pay for call) They just repeatedly say "Boy, I don't really know much about PC, I just use Apple, but...uh...try this..." On my own I figured out that I had to disable UDMA in my CMOS/BIOS and enable it in Windows settings--leaving enabled in both places caused problems with editing (although otherwise computer worked fine. ALSO, in Windows there is a setting called HARDWARE ACCELERATION- it's default setting is all the way up, but when I turned it down I finally solved my problems. Again, tech support didn't even hint at these solutions

-- Mark Fradl (, September 30, 1999


Is this problem solved now?

-- ron (, November 10, 1999.

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