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Do you know of any sports psych graduate programs in Psych departments that combine study in psych as well as sports psych? The goal would be to get a Ph.D. in Sports Psych in order to teach and practice the same?

Thank You

-- Don Gentner (, October 06, 1999



There are only a handful of programs housed within psychology departments that provide you with any structured sport psychology experiences/coursework. Sometimes the specialized degree programs are only offered to one student per year as is the case at WVU- COunseling psychology doc program. Try looking at Univ of N. Texas, Washington State Univ. (clinical psyc pgm with a rotation in athletics), West Virginia University (Counseling psyc doct minor in sport psyc)., and I am sure there are others that I can' think of now... The Directory of Graduate Programs in Sport Psychology will also list in which departments the degree is offered. Let me know if I can help direct you somewhere more specific.

-- Renee Newcomer (, October 14, 1999.

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