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Albertson's has a "Stock-up Sale of the Century" -- don't know if this is just local for this week or others are participating but they are selling some canned goods, flour, noodles, etc by the case (they give the case price and what your savings are). There are some great reductions in the circular for those that still need more or someone thinking about starting.

-- claurann (, October 07, 1999


Our local Meijer (in SE Ohio) currently has a y2k display. Not food, but batteries & flashlights, oil lamps, water storage containers, candles, & propane heaters. Prices are about average.

Better late than never.

-- get them (while@you.can), October 07, 1999.

thanks for the heads up! I'll check my local Albertson's out today.

-- Shelia (, October 07, 1999.

Albertson's out here in SoCal recently got bought up by Stater Bros. I'm having trouble keeping track. Let's see: was it Fred Meyer that bought Ralph's? Maybe it was Lucky Stores. So confusing.

We're seeing serious consolidation in grocery chains and telcos, just to name two. Notice how many RBOCs are left? Three: Bell Atlantic, Bellsouth, and SBC. *sheesh*

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), October 07, 1999.

Hmmm...Albertson's isn't a convienient stop but I'll try to check it out...

Safeway stores still have veggies at 25 cents/can, limit 24. This one lasts until Oct. 31. Their special on Staggs chilli and S&W canned fruit at 12/$6 is over the 10th. Hit there yesterday a couple times, came back with 24 more cans of Staggs, 24 mixed fruit and another 24 mixed veggies. Tough to pass up a good sale....might take a while to eat 200 cans of Staggs Chicken chili but heck, if I do it right my propane consumption might drop.


-- Don Kulha (, October 07, 1999.

The sale started Tuesday and today is Friday and they are already out of many of the items they had on the sale. BTW, isn't Albertson's Mormon-owned?

-- shep (, October 09, 1999.

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