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Can anyone tell me how much image and emulsion transfers sell for? How much for reproduction copies and originals? I'm not interested in what people ask for them, just what they actually sell for. I understand this depends on certain variables such as geographical location, method of reproduction, size and the reputation of the artist. I would just like to get a guage on what I should be asking for mine. Thanks for the responses. Danny

-- Danny Holcomb (, October 11, 1999


Dear Danny,

Of course all the variables you mention in your post must be taken into consideration when an artist sets out to market their art work. However, I was just a "Fall Harvest Festival" as they are in full swing right now in California and the group of photographers I specifically went to meet had an absolutely lovely display of their individual photography. Traditional as well as several image transfers, most of them (3x4"). Original image transfers were selling matted & beautifully framed were selling from $60 -$85. These transfers were exceptionally well done and although they were I don't think the group as a "whole" sold a piece---they seemed to have sold their reproductions in note card format for $3-4 (envelope included) but that seemed to be about it (this is very unfortunate because the art work was very well done and if I weren't an artist myself & doing the same type of work, I would have been very tempted to purchase a few of these wonderful pieces myself).

Hope this helps, just another item (food for thought) when you are making your reproductions are you using "archival stable" pigmented inks, if not you realize your prints may fade within 6 months to 2-3 yrs. over time? So, if you are able to market your work, please try to make certain your work is being reproduced with these "archivally stable" inks to avoid any problems after the sale is complete. Hope this info is of some use to you.

Just another artist still trying & living happily in the warm California sun!!! Elena

-- Elena Trujillo-Spice (, October 11, 1999.

I market them as one of a kind prints (mine are, I don't use daylab), and live in a medium sized midwest town. I sold 15 framed this year ranging from $75 to $300(multiple images in frame), average $150. Folks found that really reasonable--I get frames at Goodwill and refinish to keep my costs down and have them professionally matted. I treat them as monotypes which my friends sell for $250-$300. If you can crank out copies of the same image on daylab, I don't think it makes them as valuable since some folks like knowing they have a one-of-a-kind, my buyers told me. good luck

-- jacqueline dickey (, November 25, 2002.

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