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Ok, seems as if the choice is EditDV if you want a stable, easy-to-use, flat-bed style, fast, DV editor. And, it seems you want Final Cut Pro, if you want a package that's compatible with AfterEffects plug-ins, similar control to an Avid MC, more audio control, have a fast CPU/RAM, multiple undos, and don't mind longer waiting for renders. I have a G3/350 b&w, with 200MB RAM. I also have AfterEffects. I like the simplicity of the EditDV interface, and it does seem pretty responsive, but I don't like not having multiple undos and not much control over the audio. I thought I'd be able to any effects I wanted in AfterEffects and then bring into EditDV (which I can). I only have a couple more days that I could take the unopened EditDV1.6 back and get Final Cut. Has anyone had a bad experience with Final Cut? Is it really that slow? Can you view anything in draft mode? Can I just do staight cuts and preview instantly (with no effects) as in EditDV? I'm really struggling with the decision. On one hand, I don't want my edit environment to have too many tempting effects that might get used as a crutch for boring content and I'd like the process to feel smooth and speedy. But on the other hand, I'd like to be able to tweak my audio and video content if needed and if I have to learn a new program, I'd rather know it'll be around awhile, and be simular to higher end packages. Any help would be greatly appreciated! skip hunt

-- Skip Hunt (, October 11, 1999

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