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I bought Premiere 5.1a before I bought my G4, and now I am finding that there is a problem when I capture dv through apple firewire. The people at Adobe told me that there is a compatability problem between Premiere and the new G4, and that they are working on an upgrade - they don't know how long that will take! I would like to know if anybody else out there is having this problem. Although I can manually capture dv (one of the problems is that the device control doesn't work) the sound and the video image play back out of synch. Incidentally, this same problem is occurring with my G3 powerbook, although the device control works just fine. Basically, I'm really P.O.'ed, and I'm thinking that they are incompatable so that Final Cut Pro will be sold. I've heard it's an amazing product... but what about those of us who already bought Premiere? Any thoughts?

-- Ernesto Solo (, October 13, 1999


We're dealing with the same problem with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere on the new G4 450s. We're dealing with tech support right now as we can't capture audio into Premiere via firewire, and it says we have a problem with Quicktime Drivers.

-- Anthony Torres (, November 04, 1999.

You might already know this but 5.1c with the beta DV plugin works on the G4/450. It works for me but is still not perfect, i lose play out thru the firewire often.

Good Luck Bri

-- Brian Amrhein (, November 07, 1999.

You can get the Premiere 5.1c upgrade and the beta plug-in free at:

-- Ernesto Evangelista (, November 27, 1999.

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