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I am a film student at UT-Austin, and I have been trying to build an editing suite on my computer. I thought I had researched and read enough to make all the purchases, but now I'm afraid I was wrong.

I have Pentium II 450 with plenty of RAM and hard drive space. I have Adobe 5.1 and I'm working with a Sony PD-100. I bought a cheap "Kouwell I/O FLEX PCI to 1394 Host Adapter" card off an internet auction becasue it seemed to do all the same things the others do, but it's installed correctly, and connected to my camera, and doesn't capture a thing! I tried usinf the movie cap

Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Have the wrong card???? Please help. Thank you.

-- Brittany Baize (, October 13, 1999

Answers thoughts started swimming and I sent the message with an incomplete thought. What I was trying to say was:

I tried using the movie capture mode on Adobe and that didn't work either. I don't know how to get my clips into the program...

-- Brittany Baize (, October 13, 1999.

hey brittany,

isn't it funny -- three years later, we're still having the same problem, just in a NEW way. maybe there are no answers.

your optimistic friend, tracie

-- tracie laymon (, September 23, 2002.

Duh, dummies, you're so 1997.

-- (, October 21, 2003.

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