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I bought two days ago my XL1, tested it and found out after several recording that while I played back I saw 5 moziac lines on the screen around 5 centimeters high each. So next day I wen to the shop again and got another XL1, worked great in the beginnening but once in a while has this same error and shows me mozaic lines. I have to see that I recorded 5 minutes, played back, changed the battery for the adaptor, recorded again etc.

Does anyone has this experience, has it something to do with the timecode on the tape?

-- ron (, October 14, 1999


Well, I found the solution myself, but just in case someone experiences the same;

I changed the tape, which was delivered with the camera and the problem was solved. Maybe a bad tape?

-- ron (, October 18, 1999.

It was a bad tape!

-- ron (, January 29, 2001.

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