Encroachment by JW's

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This past six months has seen the site waste hours upon hours with convelution(s) brought forward by JW's who are fully trained in getting the foot in the door and stepping in.

Again I see this about to take place on issues that have been " worked over " by so many. Please do not let time be wasted with these methods.

They - JW's - are not Chrsitian but a cult much like Mormon and Moonies. Do not be fooled for your own sake. Shoudl they want to learn abouth Catholism they can attend Church avenues eg: RCIA and many other venues.

David Palm I wonder why you if you are Catholic continue on in this psycholigical fiasco??

-- jean bouchard (jeanb@cwk.imag.net), October 15, 1999


Dear Jean, I agree. Just slam the door. Ellen

-- Ellen K. Hornby (dkh@canada.com), November 30, 1999.

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