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I have a few questions or a statement to make pertaining to the Y2K issues in the telecommunication area:

I find it quite suprising that so may people speak of the Y2K problem as just a 2 or 4 diget issue in desktop computers. Most people think....well how much of a problem could that cause. And I think they are right the average home computer, they are the least of our problems. However, the Infrastructure that syncs network switches, ATM are where I have the questions. I have been in the telecommunications field for over 22 years and I am of the opinion that "if" time-date stamps in the software that connects us throughout the world proves to be linked to Timing (static or realtime) we may be in for some real problems. I would appear to me that in order re-establish a network connections if the master control station looses time, all distant ends would have to have a GPS device at each and every switch in order to syncronize a cold start and systematically regain control of that region or area. (provided the GPS satellite that they access is still functional).

Additionally, Here is another situation that could occur. Remember a few years ago when the abortion rights activest called their representatives in the D.C. area and burnt up switchboards. I would estimated that they probabily made up about 1% of the people in the U.S. right? and when they made those calls it sent enough tone, that the D.C. switches to overaload. Well lets say that a conervative estimate of 15% of the american people deside to call (any central location) in the U.S. this would probabily for phone companys to start pulling rows of switchboard cards, after their systems get too overloaded to be handled by automated operators. I can see that the bigger phone companies have thought of this already because that have programmed the switches to pickup and give a recording after 5 to 10 rings. But, when the cards start to be pulled to prevent overload, I see the system multiplying. (for instance if I can't reach my sister in Maryland, I'd hangup and call my brother, mother, father) to tell them my problem. Also, re-establishing cannot occur until the tone stops coming. So I feel that if they don't warn the public prior to this possible problem the human factor could crash a bunch of switches (couldn't it).

To me these two issues are basic ones that I have yet to see the telecommunications industry address.

If this proves to be right, there will be very few banks, businesses, public or private Y2K ready because they all rely on electronic transfer.

Wouldn't this create more than just a 1-3 day problem?

People today want everything now! and they will ring the phone off the hook to get it

Frank Brafa Leesville, LA

-- Frank Brafa (, October 15, 1999


ESS switches have atomic clocks as backup to the GPS.

-- Michael Criggs (, October 15, 1999.

And , may I hazard a guess that BOTH the atomic clocks and the GPS can be " deprogramed "/shut down by electronic charges from one HEAVY solar flare , on, or about 01/01/2000 ? I would presume that if He chooses to cause this to happen , IT WILL !!! Eagle

-- Hal Walker (, October 15, 1999.

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