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I am having trouble getting clean audio while capturing with Premiere RT5.1, Canon XL-1, through firewire. Often the files on my computer are clean, but when I print back to tape, I get clicking noises or crackling. Sometimes it,s fine, sometimes it's not. It seems to be due to the firewire cable.

Any suggestions?

-- Aubyn Freybe-Smith (, October 22, 1999


While doing some last-minute-editing on a Mac G4 I found that the audio capture on the firewire was crackling as well. Because of the urgency of the project, I was forced to use a line audio connection from the camera to the computer.

Perhaps you could export the video to the camera and then audio dub the sound afterwards providing you have the timing right.

-- Aaron Szamosi (, April 18, 2000.

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