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Hi everyone,

As you know, I started a column on energyland.net this week called Energy issues. I worked for many years for suppliers to power companies, and helped design some of the pieces that makes it run, so I know power the way Boeing knows airlines. I have one more advantage: I'm not dependent on any power industry company for my living nor a member of any special interest group so I'm free to tell it like I see it.

The column will work best if you feed me with topics you'd like to hear about. Part of what makes energy deregulation such a fascinating topic is that it mixes engineering, physics, politics, economics and consumer preferences all together. That makes it stimulating and fun, like Y2K, but sometimes overwhelming in understanding the twists and turns. If you want a good explanation of some power or deregulation topic, let me know.

-- Dick Mills (dmills@albany.net), October 22, 1999


Can you tell me some of the issues that power company's are facing today that could help be solved using certain types of computer sofware? What are the main issues that should be addressed? thanks

-- joe goatcher (j_goat@hotmail.com), September 20, 2000.

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