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Maybe you want to do what I have done.

ALL of the containers of food we have stored have the following label in bold red letters: ----- WARNING! Selected food containers have been POISONED with a heavy metal compound. A few micrograms of this compound will induce fatal liver failure within two weeks. Only the members of this household know which containers are safe. ----- The only way to detect the miniscule levels of the poison is with a mass spectrometer, computerized of course.

If someone, looters, big bro, rogue mil units, whoever, steals our stash, they will not prosper from it. They will be spinning the wheel of fortune with every bite.

I ain't gonna use my real addy for obvious reasons.

And no, I don't mud wrestle.


-- Ghost (ghost@ephemerous.com), October 24, 1999


If people actually do manage to fight you for your food and get these containers they will also TORTURE you and your family to tell them which are the bad containers. If they find out you lied they will likely kill you OR think you are holding out on telling them which are the bad containers and kill one of your children to prove they mean business.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), October 24, 1999.

Hmmm....Ghost, you may have a plan. Hamster, these are the folks that will kill all of your family anyway, no matter what is done.

I don't see it as murder, since there is fair warning. Also, this is the defense of last resort, since by that time you and yours would be overpowered.

You gotta admit, it is intriguing,


-- Man From Uncle 1999 (MFU1999@hotmail.com), October 24, 1999.

Don't get your D-Con mixed up with your oatmeal because they look similar in appearance.

-- ooops! (ooops@oooops.xcom), October 24, 1999.

Ghost, you are a fuckin' moron.

-- $ ($@$.$), October 24, 1999.

this reminds me of a farmer story.

a farmer was having problems with people stealing his watermelons . So he put out a sign that read " ten of these watermelons have been poisoned"

for two weeks the thefts stopped. then on the third week he noticed that his sign had been altered. the thiefs had changed the sign, the crossed out the ten and wrote fifty.

-- Guns, Grub & Gold (home@the city.com), October 24, 1999.

The only answer to this problem is to keep the food in the house and the 12 gauge next to the bed.


-- ron (rrest@hotmail.com), October 24, 1999.

Why hello Ghost. You've finnessed a few fine points since you proposed this particular method of food storage on Gary North's Food Storage Forum months and months ago. Where, I might add, you went down in flames.

Heavy metal huh? Liver damage huh? In two weeks huh?

OK wise ass, WHICH ONE and at WHICH CONCENTRATION and from where did you obtain it.

BTW, how did you dispose the the other stuff, you know, the food you had marked POISON that had the extremely potent, immediately fatal poison in it that the average lamebrain could feed to his dog to check?

You need a new alias, airhead. No, wait......I guess it fits.

-- JIT (justintime@rightnow.net), October 24, 1999.


you have a good idea (but my shotgun will come out loonnnnngg before they get to any stash). dont listen to the other assholes on this forum. what are they doing here anyway. geez ... you'd think they have something better to do than waste their time reading stuff they dont believe in.

i think i'll create a new forum ... ASSHOLES ONLINE. ya think they'll all go there?

-- lou (lanny1@ix.netcom.com), October 24, 1999.

Why did I think this thread might give me some tips on controlling the folks who raid the pantry and the closets every day? Should I shoot the kids or poison them? [grin] Your demise just might come from WITHIN!

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.com), October 24, 1999.

There's an apocryphal anecdote about this sort of thing. An old trapper in Alaska spent the winter in the bush, tending his trap lines. He had a cabin but making the rounds kept him out away from it for days at a time. As was the custom in the region, he always left the cabin unlocked, in case someone passing through needed shelter.

He was worried about the bottle of bourbon he kept in his cabin. So he taped a note to it to warn any visitor to lay off it: "I spit in this bottle."

He came back after a week out on the trap lines to find a new note on his bottle. It read "So did I."

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), October 25, 1999.

Just thinking out loud here. Seems to me that any person or group of persons who would seek to take by force your stored foods - would be angry enough to destroy it all out of spite. Rule of thumb -when problem solving -the best solution is the one that has a chance at a favorable outcome.

When I chose to stock up my pantry for what is to come, I also considered that I might not be here to use it for a myriad of reasons. Thinking beyond myself I hoped that someone else might come along after me and need it. Maybe even a family with hungry children.


-- April (Alwzapril@home.com), October 25, 1999.

If there is some sort of wall board up beside sheet rock, take it down and have a look. Between the 2x4 there is enough space to store lots of cans and dried stuff. Unless people start taking down your walls and house in a search, (and they might) there is lots of space here for goodies. Be sure to renail with the same nails. I for one hopes this never comes about, but it is a thought anyway.

Can't Say

-- Can't Say (notonyourlife@noway.com), October 25, 1999.

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