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To Whom It May Concern: I am a senior in high school and for my concluding research project this year I have chosen to look into the field of sports psychology, specifically running. In fact, I received the name of this website from a director at Central Connecticut State University and I was just wondering if there is someone who can answer a few questions regarding the topic for me.

First of all, when you hear the words the "psychology of running" what comes to your mind? (i.e., how would you define these words?)

What exactly is it about sports that makes us nervous? and what are the best ways to deal with these nerves before a race?

What are some techniques that you have found, over the years, that work to eliminate the stress factor?

How is running, in your opinion, merely a game of truth within oneself?

What is it about running and sports in general is it that makes us human? Is it this stress factor? If not, then what is it?

Do you have any other information, or contacts, regarding sports psychology and the psychology of running in general that might be helpful to my search?

Thanks you very much for you time. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Katie Pataska

-- Katie Pataska (, October 24, 1999

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