Which is a better route to take for advanced degrees?

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I am a senior at George Mason University. I am interested in becoming a Sport Psychologist. Specifically, i want to travel to different places(for professional teams) and counsel athletes. I have been looking for graduate programs and i have found a few. My dilemma is i do not know if i should get my Masters and Ph.D in Sport Psyc. or do i need to have a Clinical Psyc Masters and/or Ph.D? Can i counsel athletes with my Masters in Sport Psyc?

-- Tiffany M. Smith (mafiasoul@hotmail.com), October 26, 1999



Have you checked out the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology? It's a good resource, which may answer some of your questions. You can order it from barnes&nobles.com or Amazon.com. As far as counseling is concerned, it seems to me as though a PhD is necessary. I don't think it really matters whether you have a clinical Masters or not. The important thing appears to be certification AFTER the PhD. Of course, this varies from state to state. (It couldn't be easy, now could it?) Anyway, take my comments with a grain of salt...I'm no expert. I hope this helps...good luck!

Regards, Thea

-- Thea Stoll (ts176@barnard.columbia.edu), November 03, 1999.

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