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I purchased a home from Coldwell Banker in December '98. In January my neighbor asked me if the prior owners told me about the cracks in the foundation.

We have been in a lawsuit from then on.

All I have heard from Coldwell is, "We didn't know anything," but four homes in the area were bulldozed due to foundation problems. We are at discovery, and I could use some help.

Thank you,

Greg Fox

(800) 4-Delta-1

-- Greg Fox (, October 27, 1999


I am going through the same thing. Tell me all you have learned. I haven't hired a lawyer yet, because I used all my money as a down payment on the house. I want a lawyer but I don't have $5,000.00 to pay down. My disclosure was changed by the people I bought the house from and then I found that all the people in the neighborhood are having the same problems I am having.

-- Caryl Hudson (, November 19, 2002.

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-- Your Full Name (Your Email, July 06, 2003.

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