Jacobin Calendar -- an untapped resource

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That's a joke, folks...

French Revolutionary Calendar "Convert any date since 1792 to the Jacobin calendar."

There's a conversion gizmo here -- it turns out today's date (28 Oct 1999) is 5 Brumaire CCVIII. And downloadable software.

But time is running out for the silver bullet crowd.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), October 28, 1999


Off with your head, Tom! The Committee on Public Safety insists.

-- Spidey (in@jam.Concorde), October 28, 1999.

I'm sorry. Could you repeat that last thing. Some lady's knitting needles were making a terrible racket.

-- Drac (Itisdifferentthistime@dowswansong.com), October 28, 1999.

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