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I am on the verge of buying a non-linear editing system. Promax's new system based on the iMac DV-SE, which beefs up memory and storage and adds Premiere 5.1c, looks attractive--and very cost-effective. Has anyone out there bought/used this system? Any reactions, pro and con?


~Ron S.

-- Ron Scibilia (, October 28, 1999


Ron, I brought a new graphite imac, and love it. The promax bundle looks nice, but considering the low cost of firewire drives($500 for 20 gigs at you might be better of getting the system else where.

-- jamie degrazio (, October 29, 1999.


I realize there's some margin in there with a ProMax bundle but I like the idea, with something like a video editing system, of a "turnkey" system that has been tested and, if you will, "certified." Also, support's important.

My preference is not to use Premiere 5.1c, which comes with this ProMax iMac DV-SE set-up, but ProMax doesn't handle EditDV and Final Cut Pro won't yet run on it.

Thanks for your reply.


-- Ron Scibilia (, October 29, 1999.

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