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Del Monte Reports Strong Profits - Y2k Stockpiling


"Looking forward, Del Monte said it expected sales during the current quarter to be 1 million to 2 million cases higher than would otherwise be expected due to buying ahead of the year 2000 changeover, but noted that the estimate was subject to a great deal of uncertainty related to customer behavior."

-- hamster (, October 28, 1999


this is encouraging. hmmmmmmm? just wondering about tuna,rice,beans etc following the same lines

-- kevin (, October 28, 1999.

Let's see, people are getting nervous about civilization's collapse, so they are stocking up, so this is a reason not to be nervous about stock prices, so the market is rising? Something is disconnected here.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), October 28, 1999.

That is NOT encouraging.

2 million cases, at 24 cans/case = 48 million cans

48 million cans / 260 million people = 0.18 cans per person.

Not even 1 halfway decent meal

-- bean (counting@again.yet), October 28, 1999.


This is only one cannery, and canned foods are only one way to store food. Put all the other canneries in the mix, and if they are all running a couple million cases ahead, there will be several meals for everybody. Put that with the home-canned, dried, frozen and fresh foods people are growing themselves, and maybe there will be more preps than we believe.

Hope so anyway.



-- gene (, October 28, 1999.

Go, Del Monte!

-- Mara (, October 28, 1999.

MMM. THe Dle Monte stuff is prime, choice, delicious. They have these GREAT peaches canned in various flavored syrups: cinnamon, mango-papaya, raspberry. Mouthwatering. Gotta get some now ....

-- SH (, October 29, 1999.

Methinks you might be refering to S&W re those lucious flavored fruits (Safeway had 'em at 50 cents per last month, got another 120 cans). Think we'll hear a lot more about this before years end. The Staggs folks (Hormel?) should be happy as clams...I'm sure I've driven their stock up a point or two....DCK

-- Don Kulha (, October 29, 1999.

We went to Grocery Outlet last night, and they had stacks of Del Monte Wilberry Peaches & Tropical Fruit Mix for pennies each carton of 2 1-serving plastic containers. Perfect for Y2K! Bought a few, tasted them, going back for more later today. Yuuummmmm!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 29, 1999.

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