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I'm thinking of purchasing the new Sony VAIO system, the PCV-R538DS, along with the DCR TRV-900 to do some clay animation. The TRV-900 is the only camera I can find that will take close to single frames (it's single frame feature actually takes the equivalent of 4 frames per second). I only need two of those frames for each shot. Is there a way thru Adobe Premiere 5.1 to take out the extra two frames? And can I playback those frames to DV tape at 30 frames per second? Thanks for your help!

-- Eric Davis (, October 31, 1999


If you don't mind tedious work. you can record on regular speed then in premeire zoom in to the 1 frame viewing and cut the frames you don't want out. then paste all the frames together. you will then be able to play the combined clips at 30 frames per second. also at least in premeire 6.0 which i highly recommend. adjust the speed or duration of the clip so that it looks how you want it to. if your project settings are 30 frames per second(actually 29.97) then it will return it to DV tape at that speed.

-- John Riggs (, April 14, 2001.

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