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I'm thinking of purchasing the new Sony VAIO system, the PCV-R538DS, along with the DCR TRV-900 to do some clay animation. The TRV-900 is the only camera I can find that will take close to single frames (it's single frame feature actually takes the equivalent of 4 frames per second). I only need two of those frames for each shot. Is there a way thru Adobe Premiere 5.1 to take out the extra two frames? And can I playback those frames to DV tape at 30 frames per second? Thanks for your help!


-- Eric Davis (, October 31, 1999


either you take out the two frames manually or check up what it gives if you stick all the frames together (4 frames a second), lets say you have 15 seconds of footage=15*4=60 frames - you want al this frames in 1 second as yo need only the half of the frames. So you put the clip speed on 1500% and then you make sure you have the video setting on 30fps.

-- ron (, November 15, 1999.

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