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I have 2 vehicles whose tabs expire around the middle of December according to the registration papers. I have heard some say that you must buy your tabs by that date -- and I have heard others say tabs don't expire until the end of their registration month (in this case Dec. 31st). Anyone know the official answer?

-- Pamela Schultz (, November 03, 1999



No! All tabs do not expire at the end of the month. If you look on your vehicle registration it will have the expiration date on it.

By law you can be cited the day after it expires: Example

Tabs expire on 12-02-99 you drive it on th 3rd. You get pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. The officer runs a check on you and your vehicle. Finds out that your tabs expired the day before.

Now there are 2 things that can happen.

#1 - You say "Yes Sir (Mam), thank him for pulling you over and making you aware of that you were violating the law. The officer lets you off with a warning.

#2 - You say your name is Chez the Liberal, at which point the officer is in fear for his life and empties his 9mm, plus two more clips into your head. End of threat.

SORRY! Okay lets try #2 again.

#2a - You come off with an attitude. The officer writes you a ticket for the infraction that he stopped you for and for the expired tabs.

So in end, it pays to not be Chez.

Ed - sorry about #2, just dreaming happy thoughts

-- Ed former Police Officer (, November 04, 1999.

#3- Medical Examiner knows Chez personally. #4- Autopsy report indicates that this was the most violent suicide seen by medical examiner in his 27 years as a forensic pathologist.

-- (, November 04, 1999.

The tabs expire on the anniversary of the date the tabs were originally issued. HOWEVER, police will not pull you over just to see if your tabs expire before the last day of the month. But, like Ed said, if they pull you over for something else and find the tabs expired a week ago, you could get a citation.

First rule: PLAY DUMB "Gee officer, I thought the tabs expired on the last day of the month. I'm real sorry about this. Can you tell me where the nearest license agent is?"

Second rule: If you can't play dumb, just ask the officer when he expects to be layed off due to essential service cut-back from I-695.

Which reminds me of something.... Take off your "Yes on I-695" bumper stickers!!! You may as well put a sign on your car that says to the police "STOP ME!!!"

-- just a guy (, November 04, 1999.

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