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General Mills is trying to capitalize on the Millenium (no mention of Y2K) by introducing an off-shoot of CHERRIOS called "MILLENIOS".

I actually saw a double-bag box of this stuff at Sams Club today. It was not at the local grocery store.

General Mills website only has one mention of MILLENIOS and they direct you to an EBAY site where you can bid on boxes of it signed by celebrities.

I looked but there are no boxes signed by Paul Milne,Ed Yourdon, Charles Reuben, John Koskinen, Cory Hamasaki, Senator Bennett, Gary North, Howard Belasco, Lane Core Jr., DD, Bradley K. Sherman, or Jo Anne Slaven.

-- plonk! (, November 06, 1999


yah! I finally got it to format!

here's the link to the Ebay site, for those of you with nothing better to do:


-- plonk! (, November 06, 1999.

They also now have Spaghettio's 2000. Better stock up. You can even win $2,000. Buy a lot of beans with that.

-- Lurking on the sidelines (Alw@ys, November 06, 1999.

I bought some mi at the local grocery store, so they aren't just at Sams. The box I bought is signed, by me heh heh.

-- Cherri (, November 06, 1999.

Jimmy Smits leading the field by $30 .... Stevie Nicks and Jerry Lewis neck and neck for second .........

-- SH (, November 06, 1999.

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