G4 DV Capture to HD using Premier 5.1

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I just bought a 450mhz G4. It has all the Firewire goodies. I also have Premiere 5.1. I am a newbie so feel free to responds as if you're speaking to a 3-year old.

I have 10 hours of footage to log and then I want to capture the selects I will use to the HD. Considering this is a new G4:

Do I need a capture card to get the video footage onto the HD?

If I'm using a VX-1000 as the deck, shouldn't Premiere be able to contol it and simply digitize the footage straight to the HD?

Please feel free to respond to my e-mail royalis@theriver.com and indicate if you don't mind me e-mailing you back if I have further questions. Thanks. By the way, the project is a 30-minute thesis film for NYU shot with the XL1 and the TRV-900.


-- Royal Miller (royalis@theriver.com), November 07, 1999


My first response to your query is that 10 hours of dv footage is going to take a lot of disc space, how much exactly I'm not sure but a lot. so capture only what is useful to you. yes premiere 5.1 is ok but you need to upgrade it to 5.1c so that your native firewire port is recognized. 5.1c upgrade enables premiere to work with mac firewire systems and Quick Time 4.0. Good luck with your project. Device control I'm not so sure about, you may need version 6.0 for that.

-- mike cunningham (info@amazegraphics.com), April 15, 2001.

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