Discrimination against Indian student by Coldwell Banker

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Hello. I am an Indian student who is renting an apartment managed (but not owned) by Coldwell Banker. There are four apartments in the building where I stay and I have lived in two of them -- #3 and #4 (I am currently in #4). When I was staying in #3, which is a two-bedroom apartment, I was being charged $455 per month. When I moved out and two white, American friends of mine moved in, they were charged $395. I moved into #4 a few months after I moved out of #3, and was and still am being charged $375 per month -- only $20 less than a two bedroom apartment which is three times the size of my place.

I recently became aware that people were paying over $50 per month less than what I was paying while living in apartment #3. And only $20 more than what I am paying right now, for an apartment that is three times the size of mine. There have been no changes made to the apartment since I moved out. When I approached the agent about this, he said that if I was unhappy, I should move out.

What do you suggest I do? I was seriously contemplating seeing a lawyer about this, but when I heard of this site, I thought I would air my situation and hear what opinions (if any) other people might have. Any comments you might have would be truly appreciated.

-- Arnav Sheth (shetha@lawrence.edu), November 10, 1999


Response to Discrimination at Coldwell Banker.


Of course, we can't give you legal advice here.

I suggest that you seek the services of the Northeast Wisconsin Fair Housing Council, 920-734-9641. It received a grant from HUD as part of Secretary Cuomo's efforts to fight housing discrimination.

(See press release at http://www.hud.gov/pressrel/pr97-187.html and grant list at http://fairhous ing.com/hud_resources/awards.htm).

The council can explain the law and your rights to you, and refer you to a private attorney as appropriate.

-- Bill (Bill@Coldwell-Banker.net), November 10, 1999.

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