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I'm considering buying and building my own editing system (a G4 with Final Cut Pro, hard drives...etc.), but I must find someone in or near NYC who owns a similar set up. Before I buy, I'd like to rent out the system to cut the low-budget dv films I'm shooting.

If nothing else, I would appreciate anyone's advice regarding what to buy, where to buy it...etc.

At this point, I shoot on a Panasonic 3 chip mini dv (AG-EZ30), and rent other people's Avids for post-production. I need help in transitioning to a Final Cut Pro System.

Please Help me.

Max Viper Eden Pictures 718-729-2109

-- Max Viper (, November 11, 1999



I recommend Dan Hatch at Promax Systems, Inc. in Irvine, Ca for your G4/Final Cut Pro setup. I have a Promax G3 w/Premiere 5.1 and Dan is configuring a Final Cut Pro installation for me (on a system I bought under warranty on ebay from a video editor in New York). Promax was very good in honoring the warranty. If you haven't already purchased your NLE, Promax has the best tech support, i.e. friendly, patient, informative, etc. The sales number at Promax is 800/977-6629. Good luck!

Terry Green

-- Terry Green (, December 18, 1999.

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