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If Bill Gates had to answer the phones for Windows (18)98 support then it would probably work as it should but he doesn't and it doesn't. Just like a Volvo - crashing is its prinicple design feature.

Is there a LINUX/UNIX based NLE (yeah SGI - ta but my Onyx is busy figuring out what '42' really means) which runs on a Pentium box ?

I'm not looking to buy for another year or so (unless the Onyx delivers the goods), just curious at the moment.

Is anyone else amazed that you can make films on a laptop ? I remember lugging U-Matic portapaks & thinking they were the biz - & I'm only 32. Remember Quad ?

:-) Ewen

-- Ewen wallace (, November 11, 1999


Hi Ewen, Yes there is a package called Broadcast 2000, and as usual it is free and open source. The site is broken at the moment, but I have a copy of the software. I'm trying to get around with it as well. I need to buy a DV capture card compatible supported under Linux. I know that all the OHCI from Texas instruments and most of the firewire work. Except some of the cards that come with Sony Vaio. If you want a copy and want to try to install it, I'll put a copy on my site so that you can download it.

All the best, Fidel.

-- fidel viegas (, January 17, 2001.

IMHO, that so called Broadcast2000 is just a load of deceit. At the time the only two _working_ apps are called "rayz" from silicon grail and shake from nothingreal. These are both around $10k. You get the idea. So as you can see, nle comes to linux, but as of now only in the high end. Similar story as for 3D modelers (Maya, Houdini), though we have had the freebeer-ish blender for some time now. greetings

-- Matthias Martin (, May 08, 2001.

There is a program called Kino. Have not got a camera yet so I have no idea if it works....


-- Michael Anthon (, May 26, 2001.

Hi, if you are looking for some working video-editing software for linux, then look at Their software runs on windows as well as on linux. You can even download a free trial-version there, which is fully operational, except that it overlays the text "mainactor" on all the rendered output. Mainactor DV-IN and DV-OUT don't work under linux, yet, but for DV-In there is still dvgrab, which works just fine. For me everything works so far, except that I don't have a usable output format. Haven't gotten dv-out working yet and I am still looking for a working mpeg2 oder mpeg4 codec for linux, but the rest ist fine. BTW, the Mainactor license costs about $100. Fair price for such a nice piece of software, I think!

PS: If you want to contact me by e-mail, please remove all the 'n' from the adress given above. (Sorry for the hassle, but that's my way of keeping the spammers out.)

-- Volker Wedemeier (, August 18, 2001. is another program but it's mor of a shake clone i never tried shake but it is in the same category of software and what i hawe seen on behind the scenes clips from diffrent movies the interfase looks simmular

-- Emil Andreas Kårlin (, August 29, 2002.

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