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Posted November 16, 1999 at 04:29:37:

I was listening to the McAlvany Intelligence report while they were interviewing a man who took part in a 3 day sypmosium on Y2K. He went at great lenght to explain that this symposium was not conducted by either people in right or left side of the Y2K camp, but rather the people who are really in the "know" so to speak. The Naval War College, Koskinen Office, FBI etc. People with clearances, people who know better than any of us what is going to happen.

The report is sobering and, I am both afraid and glad to say, it shows that we who refused to believe the news feed to us by CNN and others were right.

I will provide you a link so that you can listen to the report and also a supporting link to the actual symposium so that you can see the agenda and the speakers involved.

I will highlight the main points that captured my attention.

1) The syposium was unlike anyother, the gentleman said, becuase instead of looking at new technology that may help accelerate the fix process it was all about "crisis management" and "Critial System Failure Management" (the symposium link supports this) 2) With out elaboration the Naval War College 'apparently' made it clear that even as far back as 2 years ago they (those with the power to make these decisions) made a conscious decision not to inform the public and set forth a campaign of deception. Why? Public Panic was the watch word, do nothing to panic the public 3) They (the speakers) made it clear that the situation is far worse then the media is presenting. 4) That even 70 days out (this symposium was done in late October 99) there was still no reason to alert the public becuase by now it was to late to do anything and they could not prepare.

I vehemently disagree with this. I think they didn't tell anyone becuase some said "look, if we alert the public they will start buying food and stuff and there won't be enough for us, the supply chain is just too thin." So they didn't. Its the titanic and everyman for himself.

Anyway here are the links Here is the link for the Radio Show. The McAlvany intelligence report.

Also as followup research to verify that the Symposium was real and the speakers were as the intervewee stated I researched for the symposium and found the link and the support for the show.

You can find that information by going to the following address

-- (, November 16, 1999

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