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COMDEX is a national computer trade show which occurs annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the busiest times of the year there, and finding a hotel room can be a nightmare at times. On the lighter side, they hand out lots of trinkets (buttons, free software, mousepads, etc.) Lots of ladies in high heels, scantily-clad, handing out free goodies to attendants. Optional gambling done afterhours as well. In essence, party-time for techies. I'm surprized that there haven't been any reports of this event here so far. Are they mentioning anything about Y2k this year, or are the vendors downplaying it and emphasizing hawking their wares and playing up future projects/products/services for next year? What's the scoop?

-- Tim (, November 16, 1999


Earlier posting said that the buzz at COMDEX was that Chase Manhattan is toast and that several major transport (trucking?) firms were also toast.

-- Ralph Kramden (, November 16, 1999.

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