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I'm an an emergency mailing list. Someone who subscribes to a British Virgin Island newspaper (Nov 4 edition) said it contained an article notifying the BVI residents of a coming food shortage to occur at the end of January when "when USA supermarket supplies are exhausted." Food shipments from the USA to BVI are being stopped in December.

BVI is trying to utilize land at Paraquita Bay for food production.

In America there is a 60% chance of shortages for fresh fruits and vetegables, milk and flour.

Let us suppose this is indeed true. That is the clearest sign of danger I've seen yet, because the nation had been told other food would be a problem but not chicken, beef, and local produce. So basically what this says is that there is a 60% chance that pretty much nothing is out there come the end of January.

-- Paula (, November 19, 1999


Anyone got a URL or the name of the newspaper?

-- Not Whistlin' Dixie (, November 19, 1999.

She put it as "The" local paper. There must not be many there. I've got her email address to contact her but have been waiting to see if anything comes further. Others I assume are in a frenzy to verify it. I can't just start "chatting." It's not allowed. Anyone on the list who sends false information or misuses the early warning (Which is sent to some peoples' pagers is booted out.) It's a total ban on oneself.

It does need to be verified because it's giving us all a clear picture of what to expect if true. At least one quick glimpse behind the spins and smoke.

If it is true I can sure see why the Feds are freak'in with an all out spin. The food in the stores doesn't have anything coming in from behind at the far end of the pipeline. A pipeline is 3 months. Once drained, meaning a mass panic, it's gone and the fullscale famine is on.

-- Paula (, November 19, 1999.

This thread was more specific, as to the date of the paper (Nov. 4th) and the statements are attributed to certain people.

-- (formerly known as nobody@nowhere.ccc), November 19, 1999.

That's the exact same article printed that was sent to the emergency mailing list. The names and ISP's are totally different.

It sure isn't good news and it must be higher than "60%" if those shipments are being stopped.

I was expecting something along the likes of this article to appear if it could get past the media blackouts and Fed spins. The reason being that Alan Greenspan had said as of Oct 1 the bussinesses were going into failure and that for October it was only "barely containable," and so I think it indicates that as of Nov 1 the crises went into "uncontainable," and Nov 1 to the end of January is that 3 month pipeline. The puzzle pieces do all come together.

-- Paula (, November 19, 1999.

The 60% shortages is probably from the Gartner Groups July 2 report on the food industry. This report is a Word Doc that can be downloaded from the USDA website. Go to the USDA web site then to Year 2000 then click on the Gartner Groups assessment. It shows 58% probability in disruption in these areas plus a few more. Its a chart so sorry I cant cut and paste and show ya'll.

-- Stacia (, November 19, 1999.

Someone e-mailed me asking for Greenspans' comment. I didn't save that article. I do have this one though which is the Gartner Group saying the same about the Oct 1 failures. cnniwStory&ID=cnniw&storypath=News/Story_1999_10_23.NRdb@2@18@3@143

It's not the article I had read and Greenspan had used the wording "Barely containable," not "containable, barely."

If I can't find it I'll post a correction-if I remember to do so, the pace right now is so fast in following Y2K events and comments. I could have sworn it was within one of many articles all coming out at the same time as people whipped out 1929 charts, testimonies were being heard etc.,

-- Paula (, November 20, 1999.

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