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I'm doing a science fair project on free throws. I was wondering if you can help me on my project by telling me what is it called when you visualize something in you mind and do it in real life? See I'm going to get 2o people to shoot free throws and write down the percentage they made in. Then I'm going to tell them for the next 5 days to visualize in their minds that they are shooting free throws and making them in. Then I'll have them come back and shoot. I'll see if it improved their percentage of shots made or if it decreased it. Any help? PLease what ever information you can send will help me a lot. Thanks.

-- David Cortez (, November 23, 1999


Well i have had first hand (ooh) experience when listening to my parents when playing volleyball. Sometimes when i am really naughty my mind wanders and i think about dirty juices over my cricket bat!

-- Harry winstain (, February 03, 2000.

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