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I'm selling five-6 gallon pails of high quality, carefully cleanned, HARD WHITE WHEAT (extra-high protein-THE BEST bread wheat available.) - Certified Chemical Free --- PACKAGED FOR LONG-TERM STORAGE or immediate use. Each pail holds 45 lbs. of grains. (The pail and oxygen absorber alone are valued at approximately $10.00.) The packing is already done for you. Just store in a cool and dry.

I paid $28 each for these pails from Carol Skandera three months ago, but due to dietary changes, I must sell my stock. I am discounting each pail to $20. They've never been open & you couldn't buy it from a nicer gal.

Please call me at home at 664-8512 on or after Sunday November 28th. It's easier this way because I don't consistently check my e-mail.

-- Carolyn Dunkleman (, November 24, 1999

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