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I have shot a sunset in 16:9 mode and have captured it using my Sony digital studio computer. In premiere I have sped up the footage by 4500% and exported it using Sony DV compression (720 X 480) then I opened a new project in premiere and re-exported the sped-up footage as 720 X 405 with cinepac (?) compression. So now the image is expanded to 16:9. I now once again start a new premiere project, and then import the 720 X 405 footage and this time I set "Maintain Aspect Ratio" and export the footage as Sony DV 720 X 480. Here's the problem I am running into: the footage when exported the last time comes out with a black bar across the top of the image but below the letterbox bar (which I have made blue to stand out). The image itself does not appear to be masked or squished in any way.

My goal is to have properly letterboxed 16:9 in a NTSC 720 X 480 frame for display on a normal television set. If you have any ideas about what is causing this headache I would greatly appreciate your input.

-- Tom Fisher (, November 26, 1999

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