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I am to do a presentation on the relationship between stress and injury in sport. I am currently studying a model of stress and athletic injury by Anderson and Williams and am particularly interested in "history of Stressors". If anyone out there has any information on this or anything related to stress and injury in sport your ideas will be gratefully received!!

-- Alice Robins (, November 28, 1999


Hi Alice, You have probably done you presentation by now but if you are interested there are several things to consider in the stress-injury relationship. If I recall correctly Anderson and Williams look at Life-stress, there is good evidence that major life events have little relationship to the everyday level of stress a person experiences (see Kanner, Coyne S chafer and Lazarus, Journal of Behavioural MEdicine, 1981, 4 pp 1-37. and Eckenrode 1984, journl of personality and social psychology, vol 46 p?-918. Both these indicate that daily hassles and uplifts are a more accurate reflection of stress. HAssles and uplifts show relationships to psychological well being and would also be expected to related to predisposition to injury.

I'm looking more at post-injury stress but amn pretty familiar with the literature if you want to email me I can provide you with some more info.

-- adam hall (, January 18, 2000.

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