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Seen any good movies lately?

-- Lyn (, November 29, 1999


I saw the lastest Bond film last week. Disappointing, not as good as the previous two. Last weekend I saw Playing By Heart. Very enjoyable. It started with many apparently disseparate threads, and slowly over the movie they came together. What do people think were this year's best movies? Here's a start on my list:

a) Sixth Sense b) South Park

-- Neal Glew (, November 29, 1999.

"Being John Malkovich": it was like *totally awesome*! This is the kind of stuff that people *should* be doing with cinema, IMHO. Makes yet another unoriginal take on "boy meets girl and does embarassing stuff to impress her" seem even less interesting that it was already.

Of course, it's rather obnoxious of me to tell people what to do with their cameras. *8) But if there were more pictures as original as this one, I'd go to the movies alot more...

-- David M. Chess (, November 29, 1999.

The Iron Giant! Qualifies as 'lately' because I watched most of my freshly-arrived DVD copy yesterday. Excellent stuff.

Dogma was OK but I didn't think Prophet Jay's moronic crassness contributed anything at all to the picture (really, it brought it down several notches). Carlin was definitely a hoot.

btw, Bethany was Linda Fiorentino (also from Men In Black & I forget what else).

Otherwise, been too busy to see many movies. Dying to see Toy Story 2, American Beauty, Bond, Sleepy Hollow, lots more. Just need to make time for 'em.

-- Steve Bogart (, November 29, 1999.

Ahh -- I'll rent the Iron Giant, given that practically every weblogger in the known universe raved about it. I hate being out of the loop on things like that! ;-)

I agree that Prophet Jay in _Dogma_ was an idgit -- I pretty much ignored him, I guess.

_American Beauty_ was definitely worthy seeing. As far as Neal's list.. I can't remember... did _Pleasantville_ come out this year? I thought that was good. I liked _South Park_ but I'm not sure I'd put it in my list of best films of the year.. that whole Saddam thread kinda' blew it for me (the rest of it was v. funny, though.)

_Life is Beautiful_ was also good. And what about _Shakespeare in Love_? Gwyneth is an emaciated twig, but the younger Fiennes was quite quite fine in that one. :)

-- Lyn (, November 29, 1999.

Green Mile was excellent. Closest a movie has come to a book in a long time.

Man on the Moon. Free ticket show. SOmething thinks Kaufmann was the greatest in the world. A rather slanted view of his life. WOuld love to get someone to pay for my views like that.

Thanks for your continued effort in these endeavors.

-- Tim Herman (, December 30, 1999.

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