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What ethical standards are "Sports Psychologist" held under? Yes they are first and foremost psychologist, but what about the specialty programs all around the country just for Sport Psychology where there is not any Clinical or Counseling training. Are they held to the same APA Ethical Standards? Can anyone call themselves a "Sport Psychologist" or are their requirments like the ones suggested by aasp? Just curious. Thank-you

-- Arnold Speaks (, November 29, 1999


I can answer some of your questions - having written somehting about ethics in sport psych recently. The AAASP has a code of conduct which applies to its members. If psychologists are members of the APA then they are governed by its code of ethics. In australia (where I am) you can only call yourself a psychologist if you are registered by the board. This controlled by an act of parliament and therefore legally enforcable. To be a registered psych in australia you must do 3 years undergrad and a fourth year specialising in psychology + at least 2 years postgrad study (Masters) including 120 days supervised practical work. To be called a sport psychologist you must be a member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Sport Psychologists. This requires all the above plus 2 years practice supervised by a member of the college. We are bound by 2 ethical codes. The Registration board code of conduct and the APS code of ethics.

Hope this helps answer your question

-- adam hall (, January 18, 2000.

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