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I have translated this from the Danish "Computer Weekly" 

ORACLE DENMARK TO HOLD NEW-YEAR PARTY FOR STAFF: The Y2K problem can not keep Oracle Denmark down; instead of biting their nails as they wait, the software firm is hanging out the party flags for the whole family.

Even if you're keeping lots of people at work over the rollover, you can still make it a fun evening.

So Oracle Denmark has invited all their employees with their families to a gigantic new-year bash. It's primarily the Support Team which needs to be at work and painfully sober, but Oracle has decided to throw the premises open to all their workers.

The Personnel Department decided that three factors were essential, if the century change were to be celebrated in the firm's offices: there should be something for the kids, it shouldn't just be a talking party, and last but not least there must be STYLE - and style indeed there will be!

Oracle has contacted a fancy-dress company, that can supply clothes that were in fashion at the last century change. Employees attending the party should send their measurements to the rental firm Amor, which will deliver clothes to suit, a week before the party. Moreover, Oracle has employed a dancing teacher to teach the dances of the 1890s.

Children can romp about on a bouncy castle, surf the web or play computer games, as well as taking part in treasure hunts and watching videos.

The employees won't be cheated out of real fireworks, either, for Oracle has ordered a special Y2K fireworks display, where the 'fire master' will illustrate the events of the last 100 years in eight 'tableaux'.

Even though Oracle takes the Y2K problem seriously, they're also planning to send up the whole hullabaloo. For example, several household machines will be in operation, so you can observe whether their components survive the rollover. PCs with Windows will also be going. At least until midnight. WHAT HAPPENS THEN, ORACLE WON*T REVEAL BEFOREHAND (!).

But it isn't just tomfoolery all the same: since the morning Oracle Denmark will have been in contact with Oracle Australia, which will have experienced the rollover 12 hours before. The Melbourne Support Centre will report about the experience of customers, and society in general.

-- Risteard MacThomais (, November 30, 1999


And I thought this might be about Oracle, AZ, home of the Biosphere. Now I wonder is the Biosphere Y2K compliant?

-- Slobby Don (, November 30, 1999.

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