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I was wondering if anyone had heard of Pyro digital video firewire card? I specifically need it to work well with Adobe Premiere. Any input would be most helpful


-- Justin Thomason (, December 01, 1999



The Pyro Firewire card DOES NOT I REPEAT DOES NOT, work with Adobe Premiere. After hasseling with it for hours upon hours, I emailed Pyro and got a response a few days later. They told me their card DOES NOT support Adobe Premiere. Hope this helps.


-- Alan Chun (, December 03, 1999.

Justin is it true you really shot a movie or are you just the mother puss buckett?

-- the Cat (, April 20, 2001.

Yes,pyra do NOT work with Premier,but WORK excelent with Ulead media Studio pro 6.0 etc.

-- Per O Christiansen (, October 07, 2002.

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