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I'm an RPG programmer, not a *systems* guy, so I may not understand all this correctly. Last week our sysadmin applied updates (PTFs) to our AS/400's. They were just in from IBM, and the he said they were "more Y2K PTFs". What's going on. I know Hamasaki has posted about continuing Y2K patches from IBM for mainframes. Any sysadmins out there care to comment. Are these minor cosmetic touch-ups, or are Big Blue's operating systems *still* not ready for the CDC?

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-- RPGman (, December 01, 1999


Last week my new system monitoring program that IBM showed up with downloaded about 25 PTF's in the middle of the night. I havent had the time to look at them yet . I will go in sat. and apply them. This is kind of wierd, IBM showed up last week out of the BLUE whis an upgade for me , said I would have had a problem at the end of the year without it. Now I see whats going on ,Last min. fixes , down to the wire. I usually waite until the PTF's have been out for a while befor I try them, But now I think I should load em and pray that they do more good than harm. I still have faith in IBM, after having to deal with Microsoft they look pretty good.

-- Jeff (, December 01, 1999.

Well, since they've been spreading out OS/400 to cover a LOT more bases (Integrated File System,TCP/IP enhancements,CGI,HTTP,POP3, not to mention the backward compatibility requirements) it's only natural that some of the less used features may need a tweak here or there.

As I understand it, many of the Y2K PTF's being issued now are for very specific problems that users, and Y2K testers have found on systems that are highly customized. If you read the documentation/cover letter for each PTF you'll see who exactly is impacted by it. I've seen plenty of PTF's that probably impacted only one system....the system that reported the error. But to be through, IBM issues it to everyone who wants to download it.

Also, some PTF's are for licenced programs/services. Not the Operating System at large. BRMS, Mapics, and several others that escape me now, were obviously triaged lower than the operating system and programming languages/interfaces and as a result are only now having their PTF's released.

BTW what version of the OS are you at? Being at the 'most current' release is one of the best ways to ensure that you're as compliant as you can get (at least that's what IBM reccommends). We're at V4R4 and now have the software subscription so we'll be "climbing the ladder" without the big pain in the budget.

Being a systems guy and a bit of a programmer, I know how hard it can be to keep up with the most current PTF's that could be of interest to my shop. Also in a 24/7 environment (like the one I work in) it can be hard to schedule the downtime to apply the PTF's

-- Prince Etrigan (, December 01, 1999.

Prince -- We're at V4R3. Thanks for the info. Thanks also to Jeff. It may be that many of these PTFs are "one-of-a-kind". On the other hand, why would IBM tell Jeff his system wouldn't work post '99 without 'em? Canned Corn Cory seems to see more to it. And the PTFs just keep coming. But... IBM *is* very thourough... Here's hoping.

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-- RPGman (, December 01, 1999.

I can't comment on the AS/400, but I did do a little RPG about 10 years ago. I liked RPG, a "fill in the blanks" language...

But it's not only the AS/400. Yes, OS/390 PTFs are still coming out. And look at Win/NT 4. SP/6 was just announced, that deals with Y2K issues. And SP/3, SP/4 and SP/5 were all supposed to be the "last word" on Y2K compliance.

Makes one wonder that if the OS still isn't together, how are the applications, that depend on the OS, doing...

Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (, December 01, 1999.

RPGman, May I suggest as well that the System Admin person receive the news letter called Alert from IBM. This will give them and you much needed information on upcoming PTFs and CUMs for your system. There is a cost associated with it but you can get them sent to you by email (, or you can have them faxed or mailed. It is a great way to stay on top of your PTF levels.

I have applied all of the PTFs and have found that the last PTFs for our Operating System Version (V4R1) have been all for communications and desktop support OS2/WIN95. If you are using NT then obviously these PTFs would not effect your business.

And I would start breeding the 60 chickens and buy some gas for that generator just in case.


-- Darren Hall (, December 02, 1999.

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