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What do you think about gift-giving? Do you see it as a chore? Do you have fun picking out gifts for people? How much thought do you put into the gifts you choose? Who's easy to buy for and who's not? What's the best gift you've ever *given*? (Choose your metric.)

-- Lyn (, December 01, 1999


What do I think about gift-giving. Well I think that it is fun and I think that it is not what you get it is the thought that counts. Even if it is just a card or just someone calling up to wish you a Merry Christmas. I do not see it as a chore I think it is fun picking gifts for people. Well when I pick out a gift I think about the person that I am picking it out for And if it is something I think they will like I buy it. The person that I think it is hard to buy for is my mom because she has everything. The person that is easys to buy for is my children because they make a list of things they want and I get what I can on the list. The best gift that I have giving is the love I give to my family and friends. I think that is the best gift of all. I could go on forever But I think I have explained it the best I could. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

-- Shelley Newcomb (, December 02, 1999.

It definitely depends for me. If I'm inspired, then I love gift giving. Birthdays are fun, since there is only one person to shop for at a time. Christmas can be overwhelming because I'll _want_ to get presents for lots of people, but run out of time (it probably doesn't help being a student and having end-of-the-semester chaos right when Christmas shopping happens...) But mostly, it's fun.

My brother is about the hardest person to pick gifts for. I'm always safe with a book for him, but when I try to get more creative than that, it's hard. Besides reading, his hobbies are computer related and he's got really strong opinions about all of his computer stuff so you can't really buy it for him without ruining the surprise.

And I guess that's my biggest thing - I _really_ like gifts to be surprises. Even if I ask for a class of item (like a new mixer, a request to my parents this year), I like the surprise of at least not knowing _exactly_ what it will be when I open it. And I like to do that for other people as well. I don't tend to ask people what they want, since I want to come up with something unique.

Best gift I've ever given? I made a really stunning afghan for a friend for a wedding present that was about the hardest thing to give away ever, and it was absolutely perfect for them.

One of the coolest gifts I ever got was in college when a friend of mine bought me 20 roses for my 20th birthday, and then found 20 male friends of mine to come up to me during the day and hand me one of the roses. I kept accumulating them walking across campus, in classes, etc., until I had a huge bouquet at the end of the day. _Very_ cool.

-- Amanda (, December 02, 1999.

I hate gift buying for a particular event. I happily buy gifts that suit people when they leap out at me as being appropriate, but the whole idea of having to come up with a gift for an event, and having to come up with ideas when the person doesn't have a specific desire I can fulfill drives me nuts.

I'd far rather the celebration of the winter solstice consisted solely of dancing naked around a big bonfire.

-- Dan Lyke (, December 02, 1999.

I like finding just the right gift for someone, and I do think that a gift should reflect both the giver and the receiver. I don't often succeed at either of these goals, though. Like my mother, I Christmas- shop all year long, so when I find something that's just perfect for someone, if I've got the cash, I get it. But, I wait for occasions to give it to them. Unfortunately, I think of way more gifts to give than I could possibly afford, so that's kind of depressing. :(

-- Lyn (, December 02, 1999.

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