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We are in the process of advising offices on the retention and disposition of their records during their designated "clean up" days. We are looking for innovative ideas and/or standard procedures on how records management offices can better assist staff in agency offices when they are cleaning out their files. Do you have standard procedures and promotional materials for helping offices during clean up days or can you lead me to some sites on the Web which would be helpful? Thanks for your assistance. Carol

-- Anonymous, December 02, 1999


I would try and contact NARA. Surely they have dealt with this issue before. Perhaps Mike Miller could give you a good POC within NARA that has experience with "Clean up days". Good luck.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 1999

I send out memos such as those below in preparation for office cleanouts, especially before an office move -- original version came from ARMA conference in Denver, 1995.

--------------------------------------------------------------- MEMORANDUM FOR: Each Division - Region I

FROM: Regional Director SUBJECT: Records Cleanout and Transfer Prior to the Office Move

In accordance with FEMA policies and procedures in FEMA Manual 5400.1 (or old manual 5400.4), all of your division records will be reviewed for disposal or transfer prior to their transfer to the new office. In preparation for this, the records management team visiting the region has set up training for all personnel. The first training being offered is for management personnel. The managers briefing will be held August 18, 1997, WHERE? ?WHAT TIME (in afternoon)?

The second set of training is for anyone responsible for maintaining records. Those personnel should arrange to attend the Files Improvement and Records Disposition Training being held August 19&20, 1997, to receive instructions for records review, disposal, or transfer. Every files custodian is expected to attend. The class will be held in XXX, from 8:30a.m. to 4:00 p.m. both days.

No records should be destroyed before offices have received appropriate instructions.

Also, you will be given instructions for the packing, indexing, and transfer of inactive records to the Federal Records Center in Waltham. It is imperative that inactive records be prepared in accordance with proper procedures to not only alleviate storage and transfer problems, but to also aid in quick recall of the records, if needed.

Should any questions arise, your point of contact is ______________.


1. Individuals may destroy material which they know to be duplicate reference or convenience copies.

2. Individuals/departments are required to retain office record copies of documents as per FEMA Manual 5400.1.

3. Destruction of any FEMA records other that duplicate reference copies requires following the disposal schedules listed in FEMA Manual 5400.1.

4. Any records found not listed in FEMA Manual 5400.1 should be brought to the attention of management and/or Tammy Schartel for further instructions.

5. An records related to American Indians or claims against/for American Indians may not be destroyed or transferred (due to pending litigation). However, these records should be segregated from other FEMA records and the volume concerned should be reported to Tammy Schartel as soon as is practicable.


MEMORANDUM FOR: All Region I Employees

FROM: Regional Director SUBJECT: Records Cleanout and Transfer Prior to the Office Move

Your prompt, priority attention is required to minimize the volume of records to be moved with your departments. Urgent attention to the following areas is mandatory:

- Destruction of records in accordance with the records retention schedules in FEMA Manual 5400.1 (coordination draft). - Transfer of inactive records to the Waltham Federal Records Center. - Destruction of inactive convenience and reference materials.

In order to prepare for these actions, a records management team from the Waltham FRC have been asked to instruct us in streamlining the filing needs for the new offices. They will be visiting Region I August 18-29, 1999, to review your file volumes, to provide any needed one-on-one assistance, and to perform records management training for any personnel with filing responsibilities.

Please take the time necessary to work with the FRC team to determine the most functional, efficient file requirements for your group. You and your colleagues know your departments' needs best. Their job is to streamline records management to match your needs to the file space available.

By August 27, 1997, all inactive records not eligible for destruction should be pulled from your department's files and boxed for transfer to the Federal Records Center. This will allow time for Records Management personnel to prepare transfer paperwork and to process and effect transfer of the material prior to the move in XXX.

All records eligible for destruction in accordance with FEMA Manual 5400.1 should be destroyed no later than XXX.

Please be aware that management is committed to reducing unnecessary files volume as much as possible prior to the move. However, we are still subject to following the guidelines in FEMA Manual 5400.1 (old manual 5400.4). Please be reminded that no records can be destroyed prior to the disposition as spelled out in the records disposition schedules.

If you have any questions about this cleanout activity, please feel free to contact ___________________ at extension ______. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 1999

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