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Anyone know of a good web site for dehydrated food recipies. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

-- Marie Peters (, December 03, 1999


Marie, has put together an excellent book for dehydrated foods. It's meant to be used with a gadget called a Bakepacker but the recipes are easily converted to covnventional, Dutch oven, or other form of cooking. Besides recipes there is a veritable encyclopedia which explains how to rehydrate freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, nutritional content, fresh equivalents and substitutions, and so on. Sam and Jean are very good people whose business is supplying NC backpackersand Everest and Antarctic expeditions. Besides the usual dried foods they also stock more exotic fare, such as freeze-dried cream cheese, sour cream, and excellent grated cheese. You cna buy in amounts as small as 4oz and the food comes in vacuum-packed plastic bags.

-- Old Git (, December 03, 1999.

Marie....I just got a great paperback book, called "Just Add Water" from Prepareness Mart. Their website is and their phone # is 1-800-773-0437. It gives a lot of really good looking recipes, plus storage and preparation tips. They also have another great book, called "Marlene's Magic with Food Storage", Plus another one, "Cookin' with Home Storage." I have them all.

-- Jo Ann (, December 04, 1999.

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