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I am considering buying a new iMac DVSE (Special Edition), and I was curious what you thought of it. I use a Sony TRV-103, which is supported by Apple, and I just wondered if it is good for basic, DV editing.

The Firewire and iMovie software make up the DV format (like you folks didn't know!!) :-)

Just any comments about it would make me feel great!

-- Fred Wilkins (, December 05, 1999


I am looking for the same. Imovie is nice for beginners and very basic. Some transistions, add titles, add music and that's it. The nicest thing about it is that it come with one chip of 128 meg so you just buy another to get 256 meg. You buy Adobe premiere and there you go. Also what is good to know is that (see apple page) it is possible to exchange the intern hardrive (12.6 gig) for another one of 40 gig, which for sure you will need.

that's all I can say


-- ron (, December 08, 1999.

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